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Santa Barbara Coastal Cruise

Quick Details


Child Main Deck (outdoor deck + indoor seating) ages 0-12
Adult Main Deck (outdoor deck + indoor seating) ages 13+
Adult Upper Deck (Exclusive access to outdoor roof deck) ages 13+
For groups of 10+, call (805) 465-6676

The Santa Barbara coastline is undoubtedly a breathtaking and scenic destination, and a cruise on the Azure Seas yacht sounds like a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the area. Here are some key points to highlight about this cruise:

  • Affordable Experience: Starting at just $35 per person, this cruise offers an affordable way for couples, families, and friends to enjoy the Santa Barbara waterfront.
  • Ideal Timing: The cruise takes place during the afternoon when the morning mist has cleared away, and the sun is shining, making it the perfect time to appreciate the coastal views.
  • Luxury Yacht: The Azure Seas yacht, a 70-foot luxury vessel, ensures that passengers have a comfortable and stylish experience while taking in the sights.
  • Panoramic Views: With a capacity for 46 passengers, every seat offers stunning panoramic views of Santa Barbara’s coastline, making it a perfect setting for a romantic date or a group outing with friends and family.
  • Scenic Beauty: The backdrop of the mountains and the Riviera, along with numerous beaches and beautiful properties along the coastline, makes it evident that the best way to enjoy the views of Santa Barbara is from the water.

This cruise provides a unique opportunity to relax and immerse oneself in the natural beauty and charm of Santa Barbara, making it a must-visit experience for both locals and tourists alike.



"The Azure Seas is immaculate, hosts are lovely, well stocked bar, this is an amazing experience in Santa Barbara and is also great for events. Have been to a couple of events on the boat and Kathy Hershman handles everything from catering to event planning - you're in good hands if you go with Celebration Cruises. What better way to commemorate a big life event than on a stunning yacht?"

– Charlotte Rushforth
Best Boat in SB

"The best boat in Santa Barbara for small to medium-sized celebrations & cruises. Plenty of outdoor deck area to roam around and enjoy the salt-spray and sun, and a very comfortable interior... and very gracious hosts!"

– Duncan Westley
Piece of Heave

"A wonderful time with wonderful people. Sunset cruises are magical. Kathy, Frederick and Steve are great hosts. Don't hesitate a second get your piece of heaven!"

– Emma Recher
Magical Time

"My 10 year old son, sister and I had a fantastic time on our whale watching cruise. We saw one whale right upon leaving the harbor and then three more along with 3 pods of dolphins and sea lions. The crew was very friendly and very knowledgeable. Perry has exceptional customers service skills, he is a wonderful young man. It was a magical time."

– Jennifer Penfold Grogan