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Santa Barbara Parties & Special Occasions

Looking for the perfect party venue? Azure Seas offers private and intimate boat charters for your special events.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, business event, memorial, or a private cruise on board the Azure Seas, it will sure to be a memorable experience. Our unique features offer the perfect setting for a gorgeous special event, unlike any other Santa Barbara private charter.

With a full bar, spectacular views, accommodating seating, and plenty of places to take the perfect group photo, the Azure Seas is the ultimate in party boats. There are views everywhere on our multi-level yacht, offering ample space for seating, dancing, enjoying great food, and good company. Plan your next special occasion on the Azure Seas!

We offer a cruise director with every charter, and event planning is also available.

Santa Barbara Private Yacht Charter Pricing

Starting at $1,200 per hour